Can You Handle the Truth?

If I can you can

Sherry McGuinn


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Cryptic title and subtitle aside, it’s time I opened up and shared what’s fact and what’s fiction in the story, below, which is a response to a prompt from The Celtic Chameleon:

Folks, Number 1 is the lie. I would never sky-dive as shoots can fail and I can boost my adrenalin in other ways. For the same reason, I avoid rollercoasters at all costs. But, I do a lot of other crazy shit.

Number 2 is true, a long, complicated tale that I won’t bore you with and probably never should have mentioned. But, that’s me! Sometimes, my filters take a hike.

Finally, Number 3 is also true. The dude’s name really was Dudley Die. And he was from Dixon, Illinois.

For those of you who played along, I thank you.

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Sherry McGuinn is a slightly-twisted, longtime Chicago-area writer and award-winning screenwriter. She is currently pitching her newest screenplay, “The Month We Fell Apart,” a drama with dark, comedic overtones and inspired by a true story, as well as “DEAD TIRED,” a female-driven, ass-kicking thriller.



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