“Drykus” for Helen

My response to a very specific prompt.

Sherry McGuinn


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My delightful friend, Helen Cassidy Page proposed this challenge: Write a haiku using the word “dry,” or a derivative.

Following is my effort:

“Dry eye.” What is that?
The Sahara of optics?
A No More Tears zone?

Quite the contrary.
My dry eyes tear all the time.
Perhaps I’m crying.

Crying for my life.
Not just mine, but yours, as well.
No dry humor here.

Are you crying too?
Is it your eyes or your brain…
that’s causing the “rain?”

Dry up, everyone.
We have a long row to hoe.
No drowning in tears.

Sherry McGuinn is a slightly-twisted, longtime Chicago-area writer and award-winning screenwriter. Her work has appeared in The Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and numerous other publications. Sherry’s manager is currently pitching her newest screenplay, a drama with dark, comedic overtones and inspired by a true story.

I appreciate your reading!

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