Getting to Know the CEO

Part 1: He’s into Ikigai, a Japanese concept that means “reason for being”

Sherry McGuinn
5 min readMay 17


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Hello, fellow writers and readers. As I am constantly trying to evolve and “grow” as a human being and a writer, I decided to launch a short series of stories about Tony Stubblebine, the guy who heads up this place, not just for your edification, but for mine, as well.

With the help of an inhuman friend who shall go nameless, I unearthed several interesting factoids about TS, that you folks might vibe to. I mean, I hope they’re facts. If not, don’t come bitchin’ to me. I’m just goin’ with the flow, ya know?

In a nutshell, I’m doing what all the Kool Kids here are doing.

Okay, what do we really know about TS, other than he is prone to giving some of us a “boost” now and again when we write whatever drivel is currently “adding value” to Medium readers?

Does this piece count? I doubt it.

I know that TS has conducted YouTube videos with a couple of his most loyal supporters, but admittedly, I didn’t bother watching more than a minute or two as I quickly deduced that tough questions were off the table, like “Why do so many shitty writers make a lot of money on Medium?” Those are the questions I want answered, but, whatever.

So, aside from the boost thing, we know that TS is a fan of Mastodon, yet another social network for folks to hang out and spew whatever comes into their heads at any given moment.

By the way, the few times I’ve lurked there, I see the same three Medium writers gleefully flouncing around like kids on a sugar high. Indeed, I must be missing something, although I did note that mere posts can be boosted. Hence the new shtick here on Medium.

Do we earn money from boosted Mastodon posts? You, there. Do you know?

Here’s a fun fact totally unrelated to the CEO: Did you know that there’s a Tony Stubblefield? It’s true! He’s the head basketball coach at Chicago’s DePaul University! Imagine if Mr. Stubblefield was to ditch basketball and join the current coach at Medium. We’d have two coaches! Imagine, a Stubblebine and a…



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