I’m Giving My Own Damned Story a “Hoist”

In case more than three people want to see it

Sherry McGuinn
2 min readMay 24


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You guys know that aside from “improving” or “increasing” something, the word “boost” means to steal, yeah? Of course, you do. Some of you are really smart.

Interesting that this is the word used by Medium to indicate the stories they “promote.” Because it certainly feels like many of us are getting ripped off.

It’s also a drug-related term. Watch the excellent film “The Boost” with James Woods and Sean Young and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So, fuck “boost.”

That said, I’m going to use my own word: “Hoist.” I did originally refer to this as an “Assist,” but I believe “Hoist” is stronger and more accurate. ! Naturally, I won’t make shit from doing this, but what the hell. Why not?

Let’s start with the one I wrote just a day ago. It’s my first Hoist, y’all! Yaaaaaaay!!

Enjoy. More to come.

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