The Sexy Papaya

Exude allure while enhancing your health, or theirs, whatever

Sherry McGuinn
5 min readMay 21


Image by Dainia Graveris/Flickr.Com

For you folks who saw the film, Flashdance where the stunning Jennifer Beals did none of her own dancing, there is one scene that perhaps sticks in your mind as it does mine.

It’s the scene where her hunky boss, Michael Nouri, takes her on a dinner date as he finds the welder-by-day, sexy-dancer-by-night, intriguing.

They’re eating lobster and the way Beals manipulates the succulent meat with her hands, licking and twirling it around her tongue, while Nouri, bug-eyed and in a lather, watches, is one of the film’s more memorable moments.

In a word, it’s HOT.

The melding of sex and food in films in extensive and has brought us such legendary moments as the scene in 9 1/2 Weeks where the then beautiful Mickey Rourke engaged in a different kind of oral by feeding the even more beautiful Kim Basinger tids and bits of this and that after blindfolding her so that everything he fed her dribbled down her beautiful chin. Maraschino Cherry juice. Strawberry Jello. Milk. Groceries galore. I couldn’t help but wonder if he cleaned up the mess they made, later. You know, “after.”

And how can we forget American Pie, where Jason Biggs completely loses control of every hormone in his body and has his way with…an apple pie? Cherry might have been more appropriate (busting a cherry and all) but hey, I didn’t write the thing. And no one ever intoned, “As American as Cherry Pie,” so forget that last bit.

So, this morning I was reading about papayas and how healthy they are with their high levels of antioxidants and beta carotene which contributes to vision health. They’re also great if you need to take a poop. That’s decidedly not sexy, I know, so we’ll quickly move past that as I want to get you guys in the mood. All three of you.

Regularity aside, I’ve always thought papayas are extremely sexy with skin the color of a tropical sunset and the gorgeous, bright orange hue of their flesh. Plus, when you slice papaya lengthwise, you know what it looks like, right? Without the fuzz.

Hey you in the cheap seats! Stop squirming and grow…



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