Use Your Referral Link and Prepare to Pander

Sherry’s Tattoo Parlor is open for business!

Sherry McGuinn
5 min readOct 16, 2021


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Hey guys, do you want to earn yourselves a few crumbs of the monstrously huge Medium pie?

Sure you do!

Do you want to endear yourselves to the powers that be? In other words, would you consider pandering to the Medium gods so you can get an extra shekel or two?

Not sure about that one, are you?

Well, neither was I until I had a long and soulful talk with one of my besties, Suzanne V. Tanner.

All of our talks are long and soulful, by the way.

We cover a lot of ground when we jump on the horn. Today, we discussed the bullshit that was the MWC and other random stuff. One topic we spitballed was the referral bonus link thingy.

You know what this is about, right? We stick a link at the end of our stories so the uninitiated can become members of the Partner Program and in turn, we get half of their membership fee as long as they’re paying members.

From what I’ve been able to glean, some folks think this sucks, that we’re being used, and of course, we are. But, as long as Medium’s going to use us, in turn, we might as well do our best to soak them for whatever we can get.

I was on the fence about this, but I’m ready to see if I can earn a few extra pennies, especially since I was one of the legions of writers who took it up the ass in the “challenge,” which apparently wasn’t much of one for the individual who took home the big money. Yep. Ten grand, and then an additional fifty, on her first and only story here.

“Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you…”


Anyway, another reason I’ve been on the fence about inserting the referral link in my stories was that I wasn’t sure what to do, or how to do it. So, since I bookmarked the tab when I first saw it, I thought I’d break down the process for you.

Suzanne made a great point. We can think of our personalized referral links as tattoos. For me, I’ve played around with the idea of getting a tat for years, specifically, a cat’s face. One of our



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