When Rejection Gets Ugly

My respectful attempt at Illumination.

Sherry McGuinn


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Admittedly, I am late to the party, here, but I feel compelled to throw my hat in the Illumination ring and suggest that “something is rotten in Denmark.”

And here’s why: I don’t have all the relevant information behind this investigation of Dr. Mehmet Yildiz and his publication, ILLUMINATION.

But here’s what I do know: I know crazy when I see it and read it. I know it and experienced it first hand in my other guise as a screenwriter.

Years ago, I was harassed by an individual who, by turns, pretended to be an attorney, a producer, an entertainment industry agent, and anyone else who he thought I’d be cowed by. I won’t go into the details but let me just say that he stole a screenplay from me that we were supposed to write together, but that I actually created on my own.

Every day I awoke to a barrage of vicious emails that I received at home and at my job. As much as I tried to block this maniac, somehow, he kept getting through.

This went on for months and got very ugly. It affected my physical, as well as my emotional health.

Along with the threats and accusations, he managed to kill a legitimate deal I had with a producer who was going to pay me a significant amount of money to produce my script, with Hugh Grant in the lead.

You can imagine how that affected my psyche.

I consulted a couple of attorneys but the really adept entertainment lawyers were also, incredibly expensive.

With the help of the head IT guy where I worked at the time, and my own efforts, I learned how to trace this person’s emails and ultimately found that they were all coming from the same IP address…the same damned computer.

Now, regarding this present-day situation: The person who is making these allegations sounds, to this writer, at least, as if they have significant “issues.”

The individual in question left some inflammatory comments on one of my stories and, as I take it, has done the same to several other writers.

I blew it off. Do you know why? Because I could immediately sense, in the way these comments were written, that the person…



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