Where Are You, Writers?

I follow, but it appears you’re under wraps, much like me

Sherry McGuinn
4 min readJan 24, 2023


For several weeks, I’ve noticed that when I open the Medium app to check my morning feed, there’s precious little of interest to read, or even skim. For me.

Also, I’m seeing articles promoted in publications I’ve stopped following. One, in particular, has been showing up on the reg. Instead of my posse, I’m seeing stories from relatively new writers, which isn’t necessarily bad, but where are the scribes I follow?

I’m happy to check out new folks on the platform, but not at the expense of missing thoughtful and compelling stories from those wordsmiths who I find to be smart, engaging, and wicked-funny.

So, where are you, guys?

Where are you Celtic Chameleon, Helen Cassidy Page, Estacious(Charles White), Dawn Bevier, Kathryn Dillon, Greg Prince, Don Feazelle and so many of you other fine writers who I’ve enjoyed over the years?

I’m not suggesting that you’re not here per se, or that you’re “playing hard to get.” (That never works, anyway.)

Perhaps, like me, you’re not publishing as many stories here as in the past. I understand if that’s the case as my mojo is running on fumes.

Previously, I had no trouble pumping out a story a day, but I feel so diminished that it’s hard to work up the enthusiasm. That said, I’d rather publish less than publish shit for shit’s sake.

But, even before I started slipping off the grid, my reads were down. Views were down. Earnings were way down and yeah, consequently, I’m down.

Conversely, while I wonder where the hell you all are, I’ve been told a couple of times that my stories must be sussed out, that they’re not showing up for the awesome readers and friends who follow me.

Are you experiencing the same? I ask because as someone who has been vocal about my likes and dislikes about the platform and has seen friends “disappear” for daring to criticize Medium, I feel like I’m teetering on black ice.



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