Who Needs a Boost When You Can Get a Hoist?

And I’ll be a hell of a lot fairer than the system here

Sherry McGuinn
3 min readMay 25


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So, yesterday I published an article stating that I was going to elevate my own stories as I’m tired of waiting on some random nimrod to figure out that writers write and everyone else spews content.

Not gonna happen so fuck boosting.

I originally named my new endeavor “Assist,” but I’d rather “Hoist” than “Assist.” Much more powerful, don’t you think?

Now, here’s some exciting news: I’m going to Hoist the stories of other writers, as well as my own. Naturally, they have to know what they’re doing. And, even if I don’t vibe to every word if there’s an interesting nugget therein, I’m down for the Hoist. Like with the following piece by Frank T Bird:

What I found most interesting about this story was his share that the guy who refers to himself as the “Coach,” told him that we writers are responsible for promoting our own stories. That in essence, it’s not Medium’s responsibility. And, “our fault” if we don’t do our own marketing.

Well, blimey! WTF do we need Medium for? To take our money every month and give us bubkes in return?

Somebody, start a new platform, please. For actual writers which was Ev Williams’ original intention, but the shit went awry.

Frank, you lucky bastard, you just got Hoisted!

Who will be next? (Sorry, but none of you writers who publish regularly in Illumination. I’m not a fan of the owner and you’re already getting boosted up the arse.)

That said, I could be persuaded to consider a case-by-case basis. Stay tuned.

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